No More FOMO

There is always someone better. There is always someone with better gear, more free time, and more experience. Before Instagram, we didn’t really know about these people. But now we do and we get it rubbed in our jealous little noses on a daily basis.

The biggest area I would potentially be more jealous with would be time. Think about it. Getting better comes with time. Better gear is worth investing once you’ve put in your time and as far as the experience, the combination of the previous 2 factors will shine through in your work with time. So while now more than ever we get the opportunity to see what other people are up to, my biggest takeaway from Lisa’s respectable article is that your absolute focus should be on what you’re creating and not so much in consuming what others are sharing because in the end, if you continue down this trajectory, it’s no wonder why they’ll have more to share than you do, hence the jealousy.