Why "Do What You Love" is F**king Ridiculous.

The Freelancer is a weekly podcast hosted by Paul Jarvis which I recently discovered and since then have become an avid listener. As the title may indicate, he talks a lot of the business game by providing very usable and actionable advice for anyone just starting out with freelancing. I really take pleasure in fact that the majority of the episodes average around 10 minutes so they’re short and sweet. In this particular one Paul talks about the proverbial advise we get from everyone on how “we should do what we love.”

Because our work, our job, our career or whatever you wish to call it occupies a large portion of our lives, it’s natural to conclude that the only way to be truly satisfied in life is to ensure we’re engaged in doing something for a living that we actually enjoy and love as oppose to complain and moan. A lot of studies have indicated that this very advise is no longer as good as we thought it was and Paul drives home this very point in the episode. Here’s 3 of my favorite takeaways:

I don’t think there’s such a thing of you becoming a “real” anything one day. By that I mean you don’t have to feel as though you have to quit your job yet just so can feel like a true photographer, a painter or any other type of artist. I personally don’t feel less of a photographer just because it’s not my primary source of income. In fact, here’s a list of 11 celebrated artist who persued what they love on the side while still having a day job. Would I want to eventually dedicate myself to photography full time? Of course but for now, I wouldn’t say I’m not pursuing what I love but instead, I’m covering my basis just so that I can pursue what I love freely.