What to do with what you’ve got

There are so many challenges to living our dreams: not enough money, not enough time, not enough knowledge, etc…. But the truth is, those are all one kind of problem…a lack of RESOURCES. And if you’re putting off living your own dream because of a lack of resources, then I’ve got news for you. NOBODY has all the resources they need. In fact, the very nature of big dreams is striving for something that’s not yet within our reach…it’s ALL ABOUT A LACK OF RESOURCES. So what can we do with what we’ve got to get there? It’s simple: you need to be more RESOURCEFUL. There’s a big difference. Check this out…. What you’ve got First and foremost, embrace your limitations and lean into them. You will be at your best at your toughest time. It’s when our back is against the wall and we don’t have a lot of options that we MUST focus, think creatively, and breakthrough with new ideas. If you don’t have the camera you need, or the money to go there, or the a small window after the kids go to bed … how can you work within those creative constraints. I guarantee you there’s something you can do and […]