Tom Junod of Esquire Magazine








Tom Junod is a writer for Esquire Magazine and is quite well known for his article, The Falling Man. I photographed Tom in his home office in Atlanta as a continuation of authors and writers photographed in the space where they work.

Here’s a list of ten great articles by Tom. I appreciate Tom being patient with me as I continued to work on my stitching techniques while shooting his portrait. I didn’t want to go into this project using wide angle lenses so I stitched several images to create the first two images above. It’s a slow process that requires a bit of patience from my subject but the resulting image is worth it at the end of the day. I particularly love the B&W image of Tom above. On a commercial shoot I would have moved things in the background to get his head in a cleaner spot but since this is about the space and place where he works I did not want to disturb a thing. I worked this angle, that angle, another angle and no matter where I could get my camera, there was something in the background to deal with. I stopped worrying about  all that and just concentrated on finding his best angle where he was most comfortable. At the end of the day it is more important to let your subject shine and give up on a few of your own rules now and then as long as the resulting photograph is honest and true. 

Photographed for Atlanta Magazine.