The Woman In Black – A 5 Minute Portrait


Last week, while at Withamside House shooting book of the year 2015, an eerie figure appeared behind us… giving Spadge a mild heart-attack.

Di had dressed up Rosie in a costume that she had previously bought to use in a Lady In Black flower arrangement. The result was terrifying. The bustle, the veil, the creepy pointing pose that Rosie had almost too successfully adopted… meant that a second photo opportunity had emerged.

Shooting low key in the middle of the day is always a challenge, but it’s one that is almost nostalgic to my photography heyday. This time I had Hypersync on my side – cranking my shutter speed up to 11 (yeah, I know how dials work).

If you look at the setup shot, which shows the room’s natural light, you’ll see how much bright white I was having to battle with. I (somewhat tactfully) placed the flashes close to the creepy subject, to minimise the spill of light onto the white walls surrounding us. I allowed just enough light to spill onto the background to give the impression of moonlight, and I think it works really well with this set-up.

Happy Halloween, you guys!

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