The Last Quarter of 2012 – Photos with the Fuji X-Pro1

001001DSCF5605 002002DSCF5677 003003DSCF5679 004004DSCF5680 005005DSCF5652I’ve been quiet on the blog since Ramadan, but pretty much I moved down to the Jordanian desert and lived there for a couple of months. I was a co-producer on a new Jordanian feature film that promises to take Jordanian cinema to a new level I hope. Most of the photography I have done recently has been on the set of the film and those photos are embargoed till the marketing plan for the film rolls out. Yet I still had the Fuji X-Pro1 with me at all times and I thought i’d share some of the pictures I made with my new favorite camera. Also the good people at Fuji Middle East came through after seeing my work with the camera and have loaned me two lenses (the 35mm & the 60mm Macro) and the Leica lens adapter they make. It’s been a pleasure having more than one lens for this camera system and also testing out my Leica glass on the camera, although I got to say, with this camera I’m happy with having an auto focus lens on it.

Anyways here are some of the moments i’ve captured in the past couple of months with as minimal writing as possible.

The first series above was shot with the Jordanian Heritage Revival Company, which has a show down in Wadi Rum for tourists, where they recreate a raid on a train from around 1916. Some of the photos were picked up by Jazeera Airways magazine for a story on the company.

006006DSCF4328 007007DSCF4572 008008DSCF4597-Edit

Before heading down to the desert I visited the film set of Cherien Dabis’s new feature film “May in the Summer.” I got to meet Alia Shawkat who is known for her role in Arrested Development, we got to talking and a couple of days later she visited me and we shot some portraits. I got to say she was super cool and down to earth, and she made for a fun shoot.

009009DSCF4976 010010DSCF4840 011011DSCF4938

Made a quick trip to Cairo, the three frames above are my favorite shots from the trip. The first photo is of Abyusif, one of the new faces in Egyptian Hip Hop, who has quickly made a name for himself on the scene.

012012DSCF6965 013013DSCF7980 014014DSCF9117 015015DSCF8235 016016DSCF9092 017017DSCF9121 018018DSCF9127 019019DSCF9142 020020DSCF9205 021021DSCF9209 022022DSCF9211 023023DSCF8448


Then came the deserts of Wadi Araba and Wadi Rum, I have thousands of photos from my time there mostly for the film, maybe a book will come down the line.

025025DSCF9215 026026DSCF9178 027027DSCF6205 028028DSCF7008 029029DSCF7115

I tend not to shoot much landscape photos but I found myself shooting more and more since getting the Fuji, maybe it’s because it goes with me everywhere and I don’t have to worry about carrying it with me even if I’m climbing a mountain or going for a location trek. Also the desert tends to surprise you with some amazing vistas and moments for a good landscape photo.


Just for the fun of it, I thought I’d throw in a wake boarding photo from Aqaba.

031031DSCF8570-Edit 032033DSCF8580-Edit 033032DSCF8575-Edit

034034DSCF8736 035035DSCF8616 036036DSCF8642 037037DSCF8649 038038DSCF8657 039039DSCF8668 040040DSCF8681-Edit 041041DSCF8683 042042DSCF8684 043043DSCF8690 044044DSCF8695 045045DSCF8698 046046DSCF8703 047047DSCF8706

The difference between Amman and the quietness of the Wadi Rum is immense and I haven’t fully adapted to the city life again. I shot one of the Friday protests and tested the lenses Fuji loaned me one night. The Xpro1 is a pleasure to shoot after the sun goes down.


049050DSCF8806 050048DSCF8795 051051DSCF8822 052052DSCF8865

The photos above are from a couple of days in Beirut.

053053DSCF4408 055055DSCF4441 056056DSCF9255  059059DSCF9191 057057LM5d_20120921_0003058058DSCF9227

Another aspect of the camera that I’ve been exploring more is the panoramic mode and as you see from the results above, the camera does a wonderful job and gives you the option of two sizes when set on Panorama. The photos show you the difference between the mountains of Amman, and those of Wadi Rum.

I should get back to working on the last touch ups for a viewing of the first assembly for our film which I’ll be showing to the director, I wish I can disclose more about the film and post some of the photos, but soon enough I’ll be able to share some more information.

Till the next post….Salam.