The future of work is here: the skill economy

It’s no secret that the future of work is changing: the days of working at a giant company until you get a gold watch and retire with a pension are over. All this been well documented- we can all expect to change careers more frequently than ever. Whether by choice or due to economic downturns, mergers or other factors beyond our control, change is the new norm– this is especially true for millennials, who have an average of four jobs in their first decade out of college. At the extreme, a recent Fast Company article suggests that you should “plan on switching jobs every 3 years for the rest of your life.” I can relate in that I’ve had several of my own highly unexpected career changes, from med student to professional photographer to CEO of an online education company called CreativeLive. And while I don’t see more changes on the horizon for myself in the near term, who knows what the future holds? As I’ve said on stages all over the world, if our parents had one job, we’ll have five, and the next generation will have five at the same time– and quite honestly, that’s why CreativeLive exists. […]