The Dirtiest Secret in Photography

I’m often asked: where I get my inspiration from, how to stand out? AND why I’m sharing less BTS videos of my photo shoots? Well….glad you asked. Because in today’s episode of #cjRAW, I answer those questions specifically….but wanted to do something a little bit different. A little stripped down. Straight talk. Heart to heart — just you and me. In fact, in this video, I reveal the dirtiest secret in photography. Truth is: the most game-changing ideas come from influences outside our industry. But don’t fret. There isn’t something “wrong” with photography. This is true in EVERY industry. Just think about it for a second. In photography, we spend a lot of time talking about photography, right? Shop talk, gear talk, lighting talk, client talk and then there’s the talk about all those “other” photographers. That’s all well and …er…good, but it’s circular conversation. Very rarely – if ever – do new ideas form amidst it. If you want to… CHANGE THE GAME. If you want to… BE DIFFERENT. If you want to… STAND OUT, you must go beyond this circle. OGs who’ve been following me for years will know I spent the last 10 years sharing an inside […]