The Black & White Landscape ebooks

Black & white landscape ebook covers

The Black & White Landscape and The Black & White Landscape Companion are released on my website today (scroll down for details of the special offer).

I wrote these ebooks for everybody who wants to learn how to create better black and white landscape photos.

The Black & White Landscape takes you on a journey through the world of black and white landscape photography, exploring the principles and concepts that help you create stunning photos.

It guides you through the creative and technical aspects of landscape photography, giving practical advice on cameras, lenses, tripods and filters as well as the creative aspects such as composition and lighting.

Advanced techniques like long exposure photography and infrared photography are also explored in depth.

It includes two case studies with master photographers Rob Dweck and Cole Thompson.

The Black & White Landscape ebook

The Black & White Landscape Companion contains case studies with twelve talented black and white landscape photographers including Håkan Strand, Trevor Cotton and Arnaud Bertrande.

There are eleven photos from each photographer, giving you 132 beautiful monochrome landscapes from all over the world to enjoy.

In-depth interviews giving you a deeper insight into the thoughts and processes that the best landscape photographers go through to create their beautiful work.

The Black & White Landscape Companionebook

The aim of these ebooks is to teach you how to create stronger black and white landscape photos by mastering the gear, techniques and creative aspects of landscape photography.

You can buy them individually, or save money and buy them as a bundle.

Special offer

Yes, there’s a special offer! To celebrate the publication of The Black & White Landscape all ebooks and ebook bundles are discounted by $4 until the end of November. Just enter the code november4 at checkout to take advantage. The code expires at midnight, 30th November 2016 GMT. Click the links above to take advantage.



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