The Attitude of Gratitude

I’m often asked what are the biggest levers that’s made a difference in my career & life. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know I almost always bring up mediation. Perhaps my second not-so-secret weapon is gratitude. I’m a huge believer that so much of ‘THE GAME’ is mental. In today’s podcast, I dive a little deeper into gratitude: what is it and how you can do it. A few places you can find more information: my morning routine and my 10 daily habits. Of course you can google it, but if you’re looking for more information from my world, you also search this blog for “gratitude“, “habits“, “meditation“. You’ll find a few other resources from people like Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes, Gabby Bernstein, and more. Listen to the Podcast Today’s episode is part of a new segment I’m calling: Micro Shows. In addition to the bad-ass guest interviews, these are short 5-10 minute segments sharing inspirational tidbits, hot news, discussion on specific topics, and more. If you have ideas on what you’d like to hear on the show let me know in the comments below or on any of my social channels (facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat): @chasejarvis Subscribe    This podcast is brought to you by […]