Stop Waiting to Be Picked

What most people don’t realize is that there aren’t a lot of experts in the world. If you choose to focus on the thing you love to do or give it a little more time, you can become an expert at it. If you can become an expert at it, you could do it for a living at some point in your life. And the fulfilment that follows is magical.

I think the core reason we’re often ambivalent to share anything we’ve learned about something we’ve dedicated a large portion of our time in perfecting is this very fear of being called out on something we’ve stated very convincingly but that we might be wrong about. There’s obviously a right and wrong way to learn anything but regardless of whether we both end up in the same destination, what’s unique to your story and mine is the very fact that we can both learn something valuable from each others journeys. So while you may think you’re nowhere near an expert based off all the mistakes you made along the way, I can guarantee you anyone who takes the time to read about your experience will unquestionably walk away learning something they didn’t know before. Bingo…you just provided value.

Photography is the easiest example I can think of and as it relates to that, think about stuff you go out of your way to do just to make your photography happen. Whether it’s how you go about meeting people on Instagram, how you find unique locations to shoot in, a marketing strategy you’ve adopted which has helped you get your work out more to people, etc. The point is, you know something I don’t know, and vice-versa…so lets learn from each other.

I can’t think of anyone in the creative space who hasn’t read Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work but in the event you’re in the miniority, read it because it will completely change your perception and enable you to see the value of sharing what you know.