STANDING OUT: Why You MUST Show Your Work + Be Different Not Just Better

I get a lot of questions from you guys about how to breakthrough and get known. I usually say, “Aim to be different, not just better”. That suffices for most contexts when I’m giving surface level advice–it’s a quick, punchy answer– BUT what’s missing from this POV is a crucial step…the actual way people can identify that you’re “different”…and is this: YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK. In this episode of chasejarvis RAW I break down the ‘why’ behind showing your work…but I don’t do it alone! My friend Austin Kleon literally wrote the book on this topic so I hustled down to Texas and asked him to share his 3 top reasons for showing your work this hugely valuable and can break you from obscurity. Becoming a documentarian chronicles your work. As such you can track where you’re headed and where you’ve been. It also builds in accountability. If you set an intention to share something daily, weekly, or whatever interval, it forces you to create and be intentional in your work. Sharing your work is self promotion in an authentic way. And over time, people can see how your work evolves. People are just as interested in HOW the […]