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On day 4 of the show (which episode airs Tuesday) we'll see images from some random churches in Nebraska… like this one near Omaha… which is known as the "Glass Church"
I'm taking these pictures for the +Faith In America project

For you YOUTUBE noobs … subscribing is kind of a cross between hitting the "Like" button and setting your DVR. 
And since my channel is new getting more subscribers will help for future sponsors and funding and improvement of the Show in general.
Even if none of that stuff happens… It just makes me happy and motivates me to do more and get better.

Oh and I hear magical ferries send you gold stars when you hit that subscribe button and thumbs up the videos.

Anyway all 5 episodes in season one are edited and uploaded… one a day starts tomorrow morning.

And tomorrow I'll be busy filming for episode… like 30 something tomorrow in Harpers Ferry and Gettysburg.


The Glass is Half Full

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