Regarding Instagram Stories

At this point, anyone who even cares to ponder and discuss about it has essentially given their opinion as to where they stand between keeping their loyalty to Snapchat because they were the first to introduce this whole concept self-destructing photos and video or do they embrace Instagram’s version of it. I personally never caught on to Snapchat. I had it but I wasn’t an active user in the sense of not being someone to go out of their way to produce content to share. I was more of a spectator on the sidelines, as my head swayed back and forth observing what everyone else was doing.

Now that Instagram Stories has been out for a few weeks, my acceptance towards has been greater than it ever was towards Snapchat. It offers the best of both worlds. I can share video to the people who already Follow me without having to pimp out Snapchat on the side. The portal to sharing “who you really are” along with this museum of highly curated feeds are all baked into one app I continuously use anyways, so what’s not to embrace?

@jorgeq on Instagram

@jorgeq on Instagram

As someone who rarely shared his life on Snapchat, I have to say there’s a little something I miss about it. Even though most people I Follow on Instagram unquestionably have or had a Snapchat account, when it came to Following someone, I at least had the option of choosing who’s journey I was interested in watching. With Instagram Stories, we’re simply bombarded with continuous video from so many people who I honestly may not even have the time to view it all in the first place. It’s borderline overwhelming.

I’m sure Instagram will make iterations to Stories as time progresses by but by far my biggest feature request would be the ability for us to select at least 3, 5 or 10 people who’s Stories we would like to have at the forefront of our feed regardless if they’ve shared anything new or not. A feature comparable to what Myspace use to have in place where you were able to select 5 or 10 of your favorite friends. If this were to exist in Instagram Stories, nobody has to know who these top people would be other than you because you’re the one who’s arrange the Stories to appear the way you want.

I sincerely would love to be able to view everyone’s Instagram Stories but I honestly don’t have the time that’s required. On the other hand, there are people who’s Stories I religiously keep up with. What they’re doing differently and how they’ve managed to capture my attention is by them not just showing me what they’re up to but more importantly, talking to me about their experience. I’m sorry but at one point there’s only so much snapshots of someone’s journey that I can see before I get this uncontrollable urge to yell and hope that a video of them talking to me pops up.

Being in front of any camera is quite frankly the most self-conscious position for anyone to be in and of course it would be very hypocritical of me to expect this from other people as they share their Stories without me doing it as well. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Making myself uncomfortable by talking to the camera to create my Instagram Stories. I’m not looking to make myself a star out of all of this but if there’s anything Instagram Stories will do for me is to boost my confidence in expressing myself without having to always resort to a photo or the written word.