Ramit Sethi On Taking People Out For Coffee

The list of podcast I listen to is relatively small and that’s on purpose (there’s a pending blog post about this somewhere in my Evernote Drafts) . As a parent of a 5 and a 2 year-old, I have very little time to indulge on things that may not have added much value to my life back then but now I handpick inspirational and knowledgeable stuff right to the T because in case you’re not a parent yet, you’ll soon come to realize how much of a commodity time will become. As a long time fan of the podcast, I have no idea how I had not listened to Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week show, so to make up for it, I’ve been binging on it the last couple of weeks and I came across Ep.34 where he spoke with Ramit Sethi who’s book I Will Teach You To Be Rich, I highly recommend! I devoured it in 3-days and have implemented several of the financial automation techniques he encourages.

In this episode, at exactly minute (00:39.00), they start talking about the very act of taking people out for coffee. By default it’s an approach, a practice I’ve employed countless times in order to initiate a connection with a person I’ve befriended online but what about when you’re attempting to reach someone who’s career wise a little higher in the ranks than you? You can imagine how frenetic their schedule must be and so you can’t assume that “inviting them for coffee” so you can pick their brains will be an offer that will come across so tempting that they’ll instantly make time for you. In fact, they’ll probably immediately ignore your email because you’re asking for value when you’re not offering any yourself.

So what exactly is the best approach to reach out to someone like this? Rather than try to paraphrase all the great pointers Ramit shares, I encourage you to listen to the whole episode but if you want to listen to the part I’ve been referring to, then scrub straight to (00:39.00). Such good stuff!