Presenting Mr & Mrs Nunn — Our Runaway Wedding

Presenting Mr & Mrs Nunn - 44

Last Wednesday the lady I love more than anything eloped with me. We took a secret road trip up to Gretna Green and got married at the Old Blacksmith’s! Just Spadge, myself and of course Bandit.

Marriage isn’t something I ever thought was for me, it still isn’t — apart from with her. Life with this girl is better, and together we’re stronger, that’s something I want to hold on to.

We wanted to do something intimate, just for us. Something that would let us enjoy the day without too many distractions. A beautiful secluded cabin, a puppy tuxedo, a subtle Star Wars theme, gourmet pizza & a hot tub were just a few of the things that made it really special for us.

Yes, that’s right we got married on Star Wars day, and we spent our day sat in a hot tub, eating pizza, enjoy the photos… xox

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