Please, Don’t Turn on Notifications For My Instagram Posts

The people we want in our online communities— the real people — don’t need to turn on their notifications to make sure they don’t miss our posts. They’re the ones who already keep their eyes out for what we have to say and show. Who know us by name. We’ll rise to the tops of their feeds automatically, or else, they’ll intentionally seek us out.

By far, one of the most awkward moments during this whole uproar of people expressing their disapproval of Instagram adjusting their algorithm in the comings months has definitely in how some users have take it upon themselves to candidly direct people to subscribe to their feed via Notifications. In a way it makes sense but boy does it come across as desperate. As Leah brilliantly stated in her article, if the right people are Following you and they truly enjoy the work you put out, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t take it upon themselves to subscribe.

I personally like to think my engagement on the platform can’t get any work so perhaps a little stirring in the spot could favor me in one way or another. And for those people who are absolutely livid because this impending change could potentially put a damper on they market and share their work, perhaps this could be a lesson on one shouldn’t use somebody else’s platform as a home base. That’s what personal websites are for. Use Instagram as a way to attract people and direct them to your home base and not the other way around.