One Light Creative Product Photography Tutorial

It’s getting chilly outdoors, which meant it is perfect time for studio photography.  Go ahead, find some cool looking objects to create a superb image to be proud of.

Here at learnMyShot we always emphasize the importance of starting any lighting scenario with one light. However, in some cases one light is all you need! Today we are going to create an image with a strong graphic interest using only a single light source.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Camera, mounted on tripod (OK without tripod)
  • Black backdrop (we used: Savage Super Black 53″ wide )
  • 1 Light  (we used Profoto Air 500 )
  • 1 medium Soft Box ( we used RFI 2′x3′ soft-box )
  • White card (foam board from art store or office supply store, and shiny silver card available at art stores or online )
  • Black Textured Objects to create graphic interest in background (Optional)
  • Glass with black construction paper under it to create reflective surface (Optional)

Step One: Set up lights and camera

  • Follow tutorial video above as a start point for setup.
  • Move and swing soft box to create light direction to your liking.
  • ISO 100, F-14, 72mm focal length , 1/200 sec shutter to enable strobe sync

Step Two: Experiment with light position and settings, and take photo

  • Adjust Power setting on your strobe as needed to accommodate your exposure
  • Experiment with fill light using shiny silver and white cards

Step Three: Post process your image

Use Photoshop or other image editing software to clean up your images from dust and unwanted elements, try changing contrast, curves, levels etc… Work on it until you are happy or happy enough. In image below I turned our final shot to black and white and it’s looking pretty awesome (IMO)

Photo by Robert Grant 2014

Photo by Robert Grant 2014

Step Four: Post your shot in comments below

Do not forget to share your image with LMS community, we all would love to see it and offer feedback (if you ask for it).