ModaLisboa: “TOGETHER”


Photographs and words by Enrico Costantini, reporting from Lisboa

[dropcap type=”1″]T[/dropcap]his year ModaLisboa celebrated 25 years of Portuguese fashion and creativity. The event took place at Patio de Galé brought together some of the best national designers such as: Ricardo Preto, Nuno Gama, Valentim Quaresma, Christophe Sauvat, Dino Alves and Luis Carvalho.

The “SANGUE NOVO” show opened the event presenting the collections of young designers :
Carolina Machado, M HKA, Joao Oliveira, Joao Barriga, Hermione Flynn, Ines Silva, Càtia Moreira, Micaela Sapinho, Daniela Ciolan and Sofiya Malichenko.

[quote_box name=””]Joao Barriga was awarded the prize for the best collection this year – an eight week workshop in Milan offered by Domus Academy.[/quote_box]

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