Make People Give a Shit!

You’ve got to keep it up, and even if it feels like there’s nobody listening or watching or reading, you’ve got to keep creating what you want to create. Even if people only start to give a shit one by one, that’s progress. One person giving a shit is better than zero.

It’s a good thing I don’t take the deficiency of engagement on my Instagram stream to heart. Can you imagine if I did? I probably wouldn’t have gone as far as to quit photography for good but I would have considered taking a brief hiatus and try to evaluate as to whether I still had the ambition to continue in a space where it doesn’t hurt getting a little recognition for what you do sometimes. Luckily, I’m not pestered by it at all. In fact, I sort of view the amount of time I dedicate to shooting and writing as a symbol to how much I enjoy doing it day in and day out regardless of whether there’s people watching. If my attention was more concentrated on the numbers, I would have never would have been able to take pleasure of the amount of amazing experiences I’ve had all by virtue of my camera. My camera has invariably functioned as a license to meet people and visit places and if I happen to have a few people onboard for the ride, it’s a lot better than having no passengers at all.

As a sidetone, Instagram use to be the very first app I launched every morning because I felt the need of having to know what everyone else is up to but now, I’ve replaced that pattern with launching Medium instead. Why? Well, it comes down to value. While I enjoyed examining what people had published while I was asleep, I felt I was still missing something that provided me with material that would either serve as great conversation starters at work or that it informed me on something I knew nothing about the day before. The encouraging and enlightening articles I wake up to on Medium are the equivalent to an amazing fasted workout. It sets your mind in a great mood. As I sit down every morning at 6am to have breakfast, I’ve made it a habit at this point to read 3 articles before heading off to work. Try it!