Light Painting The V8 Audi S5

Light Painted V8 Audi S8

On Sunday night I lost my automotive light painting virginity with this V8 Audi S5! The shot is comprised of 20+ 30 second long exposures. During each exposure I light painted a section of the car, slowly working my way round until I’d covered all the lines.

That was then followed by a hefty Photoshop session (around 4 to 5 hours) blending and merging all the layers, picking out all the best highlights and producing the final image.

Photographing black cars is one of the least fun things to do ever, so I actually made a custom mount to fit the a high-powered LED tube light into a Westcott softbox (pictures of that below). This gave me much more control of where the light went, along with a much softer finish. Also there is a super-duper special video of all the layers used to build up the image.

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