Leidy Valencia

Lately I’ve developed this inexplicable habit of shooting back to back on certain days and rather than scampering back to plump myself in front of the computer to download, edit and publish my results, I’ve established this unplanned routine of simply downloading the photos for preservation purposes and kinda forgetting about them for a while. A lot of times it provides me this much needed space to reflect on the actual work and developed an opinion as to how I may feel about it. Some stuff immediately sees the light of day and other times, you would never know it even exist.

Anyone that tells you that shooting portraits is easy it’s probably because they don’t share with you the bad ones and that’s totally find. On top of that it doesn’t really help when you’re too hard on yourself and you keep comparing with how your may not have the same look you often admire from someone else. In the end, learning to be satisfied with your own work and realize that it will also have a touch of you is a continuous learning process. Here’s a few quick test portraits I took with Lily in a inexpensive studio I rented in Brooklyn.