Kevin Rose: Ice Baths, Saying No, & the Art of Trying

Kevin Rose has lived the dream of many aspiring Internet entrepreneurs. His businesses have been prescient and successful, and as an angel investor he has bet on major players before they were big: Square, Twitter and Uber, to name a few. But Kevin’s successes as the founder of Digg and Revision 3 weren’t due to shrewd calculation alone– they were built on a foundation of habits that anyone can duplicate and use as their own foundation. In this episode, we’ll look under the hood at how Kevin derives joy and excitement from the unknown, and how to get started on scaling your own ideas. Enjoy! If you’re not able to give your 100% to something, you’re going to do a half-ass job. Focus on one or maybe two things MAX and say no to everything else. FOLLOW KEVIN: website | twitter | facebook Watch the Episode Kevin’s episode was featured in the 30 Days of Genius series of Chase Jarvis Live on CreativeLive. If you like this, join 50,000+ people who are receiving one of these videos everyday. Listen to the Podcast Subscribe    Some Questions I Ask: What is Hodinkee? [1:58] How is New York now that you’ve moved from […]