Join ME + Richard Branson + Arianna Huffington + Jared Leto + others for 30 DAYS OF GENIUS (+ win Mentorship for a Year!)

BACKSTORY Today is a big day – many months (years) in the making. Today I’m excited to be kicking off one of the most exciting, inspiring and ambitious projects of my career: a free video series called 30 Days Of Genius. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that chasejarvisLIVE has been a huge undertaking – me sitting down with the world’s top creatives + entrepreneurs for an hour conversation with them to share with YOU their secrets to success, stories of failures and growth. It’s been a labor of love and I believe it set the gold standard for internet talk shows…way back from its original launch in 2010 — till now — where it’s a part of the CreativeLive platform. It’s beautifully shot (my TV spin off of this show was nominated for an Emmy), and the guests are carefully curated to add maximum value + impact on the lives of this community (ie YOU). And it’s been rewarded with many millions of views. Essentially it took me 4 years to complete ~50 episodes of this show. But now it’s about to be very different. BIG, EXCITING THING #1 So what do Richard Branson, Jared […]