I’ve Updated My Photographer’s Toolkit. Download It Here!

Have you ever had a project you’ve been meaning to do and the next thing you know it’s been months (or maybe years) since you’ve touched it?

That happened to me. I put together a Photographer’s Toolkit a couple of years ago as the ultimate guide to everything I use — from lighting to apps and camera bags and secret tools.

I heard from several that it was helpful, so I decided to take some time to update it.

*Ahem* … months and months later … I finally did!

And I’d love for you to have it.


It’s free, and includes the most up-to-date gear I use every day to bring the art I see in my head to life through my camera.

New gear means new opportunities to learn, new means to create, new reasons to shoot, so use this as inspiration to try something out that you haven’t before.

Download it here: jeremycowart.com/toolkit-2016