I LOVE Snapchat (+ why you should too)

SHORT VERSION: Are you on SnapChat? If so add me @chasejarvis. We’ll have a tighter relationship and I’ll add value I promise. Are you NOT on SnapChat but curious? Read on… LONGER BUT STILL SHORT-ISH VERSION Are you on snapchat? If so, add me. If not, I truly truly believe in my heart of hearts this is something you should consider IF you love telling/consuming stories or want more access to me/my life and the lives of your friends. Most important thing to get out of this early on is….this thing is NOT just for kids. It’s lightweight sharing that you can do in 10 seconds or less. I’ve been using the platform for a month or so now and in this episode of cjRAW I share // what it is… // why I like it, and…. // how to get started (a VERY basic primer to get you moving in the right direction…) What Snapchat allows you to chat, take photo, or video, make a little art piece – and share it with one person, multiple people, or add to your story which shares it to all your followers. It’s a quick, lightweight storytelling mechanism that connects you directly […]