How Snapchat won me over in 24 hours

I’ve always loved social media. I was on Twitter a month after it launched and people used to make fun of me for talking about these things called “Tweets”. (True story)

I use and test them all. Heck, I even spent 4 years with an incredible team building our own social network called “OKDOTHIS”. (It still has a great little user base by the way and I’m still incredible proud of it.)

Anyway, the only social network I shied away from all these years was Snapchat. Here’s why:

• At first it sounded super sketchy. It was known as a sexting app. Umm, no thanks.

• Then it became something “that only the teens use”. Umm, no thanks.

Then it started becoming something. My friend Branden Harvey was loving it. Hmmm… 

I downloaded it. Secured my username. Tested it out. I thought the interface was dumb. Too weird. No one is using it, still. I’m out.

(a year or two passes)

Then it seemed to find that “it” factor. Everyone was using it.

(another year-ish passes)

“Crap, now I’m behind the times. I’m out of touch. Oh well. Still not interested. I don’t have time anyway. I’ve got enough social networks in my life. I don’t need to be staring at my phone more.”

So finally, last week, I decided to really learn it and use it.

“Oh wow”, I thought. Then “OH WOW. I GET IT.”

It was mad love at first sight. “How did I miss this for so long??? Gosh, I’m an idiot.”

Alright, in no particular order, here’s why I love it and why YOU should join too.

• It’s quick
I’m A.D.D.. I don’t have a lot of time. That’s why I love Twitter. It’s only 140 characters. In and out. Snapchat is the same way. The video posts can only be a max of 10 seconds.  So I can quickly document the story of my day while on the run. 

• There’s no pressure
I always feel an immense amount of pressure on Instagram. Being a visual artist, I feel the pressure that every photo or post has to be “epic, amazing, ridiculous, etc.” Creating great photos day in and day out puts a lot of pressure on anyone. And I just don’t have the time to put that much work into it. Plus, I can’t show a lot of my commercial work anyway. So I just don’t post much on IG.

The same goes with Facebook. Any status update has to be helpful or inspiring or has to bring some kind of value to your audience. It doesn’t HAVE to, I suppose. But you want it to and along with that, comes pressure. Ugh.

Periscope and Facebook Live? Sooooo much pressure. And you have to wait until everyone logs on and starts commenting, etc. You really have to plan and think about what it is you’re delivering. Again, pressure.

But Snapchat? No pressure whatsoever. Your content goes away in 24 hours anyway so just have fun with it. Sure, it’s probably wise to bring value to your audience, especially if you’re using it for branding/business purposes, but still… just have fun with it.

• It’s the best daily journal out there
I’ve never been one to film or document my days. Sure, I can go back and read tweets or facebook posts, but that’s not really a journal or diary. But with Snapchat, you can download your entire story at the end of the day and have a pretty legit documentation of your day. This is probably my favorite aspect so far. My wife and I already love lying in bed at night and watching our story from the day. It’s hilarious and super fun.
I also plan on telling and explaining how I do shoots. I tried this as my first-ever story on Snapchat and here’s how it came out:

• It’s the best peek into your friends lives

I can’t believe how connected I feel to those that I follow. I mean, I TRULY feel like I know what people are up to by watching their stories. It’s far more intimate than any other platform. That sounds super creepy but I mean it in a super non-creepy way haha. 

• Filters
A lot of people hate all the goofy filters and face-swapping features, etc. And those people are basically all the ones NOT on Snapchat. You won’t realize how fun it is until you try it yourself. And I have 4 kids. They’re in love with the filters. Duh.

• No follower counts, comments or likes
Ah, love this feature. Replying to everyone’s Instagram or Facebook comments gets really overwhelming. I always feel like a terrible person that I can’t reply to everyone. But I don’t have to feel that pressure with Snapchat because no one can comment. Put your content out there and move on with your day. Beautiful.

• It’s stupid fun
I didn’t realize how much I needed something (from a business perspective) that’s just plain fun until I started using Snapchat. It’s a blast. 

I’ve been missing out for years on all the fun. If you haven’t joined, I’d highly encourage it. 
Btw, my username is ‘jeremycowart’ or you can scan my code below to add me:

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