Hi, I am a student currently studying photography at A-level. I love your images and it has become my key piece inspiration which I want to base my style of photography around. Culture, quirkiness and life really shines though your images, your street photography style is what I like to focus on and something I really look up too in your work. I had two questions that I wanted to ask you; firstly where do you photograph your images? secondly where do you get your inspiration from?

Hey thank you for the kind words!!!

I live in downtown Toronto so thats where most of the images are taken but many were also taken in New York and Montreal. If everything goes according to plan I may be out of the continent in the next few months so im excited to see what i can shoot there.

Ive lived in cities my whole life and I guess ive always been inspired by street culture, fashion, skating ect. Im inspired by how new york and paris used to be which is what i see in a lot of toronto right now. My fav photographers are richard avedon, cartier bression, annie liebovitz, guy borudain, and probably a few more i cant think of right now.