Hack Your Learning — Photography, Spanish, or Anything Else — with Help from Tim Ferriss

In one of my most popular #cjRAW episodes, I talked about How I Learn. In the era where we’re all a bunch of hyphens — as in we’ve all gotta learn not one job but 3, 4, or 5… We’re photographers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and more — all at the same time… How in the hell do we navigate it all? If it sometimes seems overwhelming, then this post if for you. In short – becoming a master at learning — Life-long learning if you will — is a major, major key to your success. I can say this is true for myself AND many of my world class friends featured in the 30 Days of Genius series on CreativeLive. As you make your way through those 30 knowledge-packed episodes of 30 Days of Genius… you have a crazy amount to learn FROM… But how to package this for real results? How best to get the most out of these episodes? In pursuit of the answers to those questions, I asked the guy who literally wrote the book on accelerated learning, none other than, Mr.Tim Ferriss. In this episode of #cjRAW, Tim breaks down his method for rapid learning of any skill into 4 stages: DSSS […]