Fuji X-T1 First Impressions

Fuji X-T1

The new 56mm Fuji lens on the X-T1 (with hood reversed)

Ready for some camera p*rn? :)

Ready for some G.A.S.?

I’m now in possession of the new Fuji XT-1 and I’m about to hit the road and skies for a month to put it through the paces. My travels will be taking me to Vegas, Dubai, and Morocco. When I return I’ll have a full review ready to go and it will be living at my new site, DEDPXL.

First impressions? The EVF (electronic view finder) on this thing is amazing. I’m really not an EVF fan to be honest. I use the EVF on the x100s and X-Pro1 a good bit when I have to, but I fell in love with the Fuji X series because of that amazing hybrid viewfinder that has such a great OVF (optical view finder) in addition to the EVF. I was first introduced to the X-T1 last year on a trip to Japan to meet the fine folks at Fuji. I was shown a plastic non-working model of the X-T1 and the designers described the tech they were planning on putting inside.


David Hobby, Bert Stephani, Kevin Mullins, and members of the Fujifilm team in Tokyo.

Honestly, I wasn’t super excited about it. I was thinking it was going to be the X-E2 part 2. Do I hate the X-E2? No. It’s a damn fine camera and it’s really popular with folks. I just love the OVF and I wasn’t interested in an EVF only camera. Just give me an X-Pro2 damn it! :) Fast forward to this January and I was able to handle a working X-T1 at CES. As soon as I smashed my face against that camera and looked through the EVF I was sold. This EVF is the greatest I’ve ever seen. It’s HUGE. It’s fast. And as much as I love my X-Pro1, as much as I prefer the form of the X-Pro1, as much as I love the OVF — The X-T1 has replaced it in my bag.

Fuji X-T1 and Fuji 56mm f1.2

The Fuji X-T1 and the 56mm f1.2 lens with hood.


Fuji X-T1

Can’t test a camera without shooting a squirrel. Carl in full effect.


Fuji x100s, XT-1, and X-Pro1

The Fuji x100s, XT-1, and X-Pro1 for size comparison.


Fuji X-T1 and Lens Lineup

The image above is my new working kit. The X-T1 with the 14mm, 23mm, 35mm, and the gorgeous new 56mm.


Fuji has really knocked one out of the park with this camera and the new 56mm f1.2 lens. My 60mm is hitting ebay as soon as I get home. I’m still keeping my X-Pro1 as a backup to the X-T1 and I’ll be selling my X-E1.

Best parts of the new X-T1

• The EVF. You have to see it to believe it.• Focus is the fastest of any X camera I’ve worked with.• Dedicated ISO dial. It’s not just a retro design. It’s a fantastic addition. • The front function button. I have mine set up to select AF points. • Weather sealing.• Built in intervalometer.• Wifi tethering and camera control to an iOS device is great. (Android available as well)

Worst parts of the new X-T1

• We’ve lost the threaded cable release on the shutter button.• The USB port is not standard thus the off brand electronic shutter release I used on the X-E1 can’t be used. • I wish the 4 buttons on the d-pad in the back were larger or more pronounced. I’d like them to be identical to the ones on the X-Pro1.

I know I could show a few shots of Carl and some kitschy crap from the thrift store but I’m just not interested in doing that. I want to put this camera through real world use. I have shot it on one job but I can’t release those images yet. I really can’t wait to take this to Cuba when I head down there with Santa Fe Workshops in April. (By the way, if you are interested in joining me in Cuba you need to sign up sooner rather than later so the paperwork is in order.)

First impression? The X-T1 is the new king of the hill for the Fuji X lineup. Well done Fuji. Well done. I still want my X-Pro2 though so don’t forget about that! 

More to come.