Fuji X-Pro 1: Is this the camera i’ve been waiting for…and can afford?

The decision to buy a new camera is something that a photographer has to go through from time to time…and I can’t front , it’s a tough one sometimes, especially if you are buying into a new system. Last week I took the dive and bought myself the Fuji X-Pro 1 alongside their 18mm F2 lens, there are many reasons that made me take that decision, the moment I held the camera in my hand it felt right, albeit considerably lighter than the Leica M6 that I’ve been shooting with for years. The images i’ve seen come out of the camera have also been quite impressive and asking a friend or two who have been putting the camera through the works made me not think twice…and you know what…the fact that Fuji are releasing a lens mount for the Leica lenses I already have,  sealed the deal.

The M6 I’ve been using is not mine and needs to go back to its original owner…plus the fact that shooting B&W  film in a place like Jordan is quite difficult ( no place to buy it, no labs, no scans) and the increasing cost makes it even more difficult. For example in the past week I have made about 1500 frames which is equivalent to shooting about 40 films…the cost to get those images into my computer = $650

Anyways, what about the camera?

I can’t really judge within just a week and not putting it through real stress tests…but i’ve already shot two assignments with it, including one with HM the King of Jordan and my only wish was that i had the 35mm or the at least the leica lens mount so i can use my 50mm leica lens and get more varied angles and shots. The camera keeps on surprising me with the results…the image quality and performance in low light is beautiful and more importantly the camera is just a joy to shoot with (once you get over some of the quirks). I can now also carry my camera all day with no stress on my shoulder…I have already stopped carrying my Canon 5d MarkII around, as it is now retired to special assignments/needs and video work.

This first blog post i’m just including black and white images shot in Los Angeles and Amman, Jordan. All images were converted to BW using SilverEfx Pro.

I wish I can write my comments on each photo as usual, but I got a trailer to edit…

Keep an eye for for my next blog where i’ll post some color images.

Also make sure to check out my tumblr page where i’ve been posting single images as much as I can.