Free Admission – Moment

What a beautifully shot video by Caleb inspired by the mid week adventure, where a group of friends and strangers were invited to a place that nobody had been, to listen to a band that few of them knew existed. So good! The entire video was shot using an iPhone + Moment Lenses. Impeccable example in how the tools you use to create are not as important as long as the story is compelling enough that it gets people talking.

Here’s the challenge for you this Summer by the folks at Moment: “Through your experiences, friendships, and cameras, let’s challenge our social constructs, expand our view, go off the beaten path, meet different people, and step out of our comfort zone. Let’s see the good in people and the beauty in the world. Let’s think bigger and look for the whole picture. Let’s challenge our perceptions. Let’s do something new. Let’s surprise people… and surprise ourselves.”

I personally already have ideas swarming through my head!