Finished Not Perfect

This uplifting video by Jake Parker has been making its rounds in the web for a couple days now but the substance of it is so strong and vital for any creative that it’s worth having it in repeat to a point where it becomes a fully ingrained mantra of yours and mine. This paralyzing feeling that something you’ve created is not good enough, that it’s not polished to the level you envisioned it to be is the one unwanted trait I constantly battle to get rid of. It’s crazy! We all suffer from it which is why I encourage you to view this video anytime you find yourself in any type of debilitating rut.

My favorite quote in the short clip is: “Finishing a thing is way more important than having something that’s perfect but not finished.”

By the way, don’t feel limited to just heeding the advice from this video because Jake has a load of them that will quickly adjust your perspective in a positive way on how you should be approaching your work.