Drone Photography? How About Drone SURFING Instead

I’ve always loved drones. Been flying them and using them in photo + film projects before the term “drone” was used to describe the thing… way back in fact when my friend Tabb Firschau built them from scratch just to fly his (and my) cameras around. Here’s some shots, and here’s a few others. Sort of sophomoric work on my part (5-10 years ago) relative to what’s happening now, but cool nonetheless given the time period – and it was epic when few others were doing it. And so I’ve always had a huge appreciation for Tabb and his crew at Freefly Systems. Yeah yeah – those are the guys the brought us the MOVI and other toys…I’ve had the honor of playing with. But I think they’ve outdone themselves this time…even if its just “for sport”… I mean… I’m all for drone photography…but how about drone SURFING. It’s true. And it’s right here. Hats off to Tabb and Freefly for pushing us forward yet again. I dunno about you guys, but this looks a hell of a lot less painful that kitesurfing – with no wind required. Ok Ok OK – it’s probably a bit more expen$ive… but – […]