Devin Allen: Leaving a Legacy of Justice & Art

We’re only half way through the year and there’s already been a fair amount of striking photos from all over the world that have sparked so many emotions from outrage, to joy to pure despair but what we often don’t get the opportunity to read up on is the full story behind the photos. Luckily in this case, we don’t have to resort to reading because the inspiring narrative behind the Time’s Baltimore Cover by Devin Allen is discussed at great lengths on Branden Harvey’s latest episode of his podcast Sounds Good.

Devin grew up in Baltimore and during the time in which Freddie Gray’s death achieved national attention in April of 2015, Devin became determined to use his photography to document the protest and riots that followed Gray’s death. Little did he know that his work would end up on the cover of Time Magazine. I’m sure you’ve seen the photograph already. Iconic indeed and by now I feel a deeper level of appreciation towards because what I learned about the person that took it.