Damn Sexy Camera Movement: Hands on with MoVI Pro Gimbal

Cinema / video camera innovation over the last few years has largely centered around moving the camera. From jibs, to sliders, to drones and gimbals — all with the aim to give us tools to get unique and interesting shots. Flashback 10 years ago, when I was working on campaigns with REI, Nikon, etc …. I’d call up my friend Tabb who was a drone geek tinkering in his basement working to combine his two passions of RC flying and photography. That effort turned into Freefly Systems and eventually the MoVI 10 which was the first handheld stabilizer on the market. Today, he’s evolved the idea to a camera movement eco system, where you can take the same gimbal rig from a drone, to a jib, to a car rig, to handheld giving us a fast & interchangeable way to get the shot. In this episode of #cjRAW, we’re walking through the new features of the newly released MoVI Pro which is an update from the standard MoVI M10. In this upgrade, Tabb and his team focused on 5 areas of innovation: Interchangeable & Hot Swappable Batteries The new MoVI Pro Battery packs have built-in power indicators and are hot swappable with one hand. The […]