Creative Marketing Genius Seth Godin: What It Means to Matter

Seth Godin is an incredible human. He’s an author of 18, yes that’s right, 18 best selling books. He is an entrepreneur, a guru in marketing, and writes a post every day on his blog which has been noted as one of the top marketing blogs on the internet. Seth’s most current focus is his course called the altMBA focused on developing high-powered thinkers and leaders. One of the things I like best about Seth is when he says something, it’s like lasers – it’s so clear and just makes sense. In this episode, you’ll hear why Seth refuses to give tips and tactics and instead would rather teach us how to see. We dig into failure and rejection, and understanding our impact by viewing it through the lens of “would they miss you if you’re gone”. Anything worth doing, is worth doing because you changed someone else. FOLLOW SETH: website | twitter | facebook Watch the Episode Seth’s episode was featured in the 30 Days of Genius series of Chase Jarvis Live on CreativeLive. If you like this, join 50,000+ people who are receiving one of these videos everyday. Listen to the Podcast Some Questions I Ask What’s your […]