Cameras & Gear: How We Shot ‪#‎30DaysOfGenius

Hello all you film fanatics, foto geeks, and anything else that starts with an “F” ? — here’s the episode you asked for — a quick and dirty tour behind the scenes of our 30 Days of Genius set. If you’re an OG of cjLIVE, you know the show is beautifully shot with cranes, dollies, and a full crew in front of a LIVE in-studio audience. Taking the show on the road for 30 Days of Genius required a stripped down kit that was easy to travel with, fast to setup, and easily operated by 2 people. So we adapted the kit to create the same look that could fit in a couple carry-on bags. Our core kit to shoot a minimal viable product was comprised of three DSLR cameras: one on the guest, one on the host, and a wide 2-shot for safety and to establish the place. The light setup consisted of a key 1×1 + rim light for each person. And for those of you wondering about the audio gear … We kept with a simple lav setup using the Sennheiser E3 Wireless Lav kit with MKE2 Mics. For on camera, we used the either onboard sound for […]