California Moment Retreat

The ineffable natural qualities of California is what’s made me want to come back again. If I recall correctly, I found myself in the West Coast about 6 years ago and somehow whenever the opportunity to plan out a vacation comes up with the family, California never really seems to make the cut as potential destination. Instead, we tend to opt for what’s closer, for what’s familiar and a large portion of these places involved one of the many Caribbean islands. Luckily, as part of a recently Moment Collective Retreat, I’ve had the breathtaking opportunity to have acquired a new taste, a new outlook for what Cali has to offer and I’m very committed to returning early next year with the family.

For now, I’m elated to have finally culled through the photographs I took on my 3-day trip to CA as I spent time with some amazing folks sharing stories, photographing, constantly stopping at random spots for sightseeing opportunites, eating late, camping under the stars and simply chatting it up over a camp fire as we spoke about exciting things Moment has planned this year.

Dani Chase, a freelance photographer and writer originally in Atlanta but now residing in CA is one of the Community Managers at Moment. In addition to offering her smile and one heck of a contagious sense of humor, she was essentially the coordinator behind it all and made sure the entire retreat transpired smoothly.

As far as accomodations, we stayed at Songdog Ranch which is located in a small Central California valley by the name of Cuyama. The valley is only half a days journey from either the Los Angeles basin or the San Francisco bay area, yet, it is far enough from everywhere that it is often referred to as nowhere.

So, here we go! Here’s a visual roundup and taste of some of the experience!