Burning Man Best

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Next Batch from the Burn!

And here’s another fresh batch of cookies for ya! 🙂

Here’s my bestie Rene Smith up atop Lord Snort! He was spinning quite fast, so it was a fun photo to take. We had early entry this year, so we were able to visit a lot of the art before it was covered with too many people. This is actually the site of a small tragedy, as one guy lost all of his fingers while trying to jump onto the head as it was spinning around.

Fallen god-statues sink into the playa, a little deeper every day & night.

Did you know art cars on the playa get to be friends? It’s true! Our car Kalliope has become rather close with the amazing steampunk octopus, El Pulpo Mechanico. I think El Pulpo keeps Kalliope (and the rest of us!) warm! 🙂 They had many meetings this burn…

Trey Ratcliff

After the Billion Bunny March to protest humanity, I saw this scene… there are literally thousands of scenes like this all over the desert — it really is like a parallel universe.