Bronx Exploring with Justin

The Bronx is one of those distinct boroughs in New York which I have to admit I rarely ever find myself visiting. Granted it might have it’s reputation but by far my biggest defense for posing in has a lot more to do with the fact that I’m familiar with a handful of people who live there and majority of the time, they’re well aware of the inconvenience it is for anyone to make it out there which is why they invariably offer the suggestion for us to meet either in Brooklyn or Manhattan. This time around, I wasn’t having it. I honestly wanted to make the trek out to the Bronx. At one point the very act of meeting in the customary locations in Brooklyn grows stale, so I wasn’t oppose to taking the hour train ride to the Bronx.

Justin, like most people I frequently relate with lately, is someone I met through Instagram. It’s always a pleasure discovering the insane amount of talent certain people have and how actively they pursue to improve upon their craft, especially those who are not even doing it for a living. His day job, his business is the complete antithesis to what he much prefers to be doing but what’s unique about his position is that it grants him the opportunity to spend time planning out his next editorial shoot. It was awesome to head out and visit and not really have intentions about walking away with photos but in between our conversation about the steps we both want to take in order to make our dream of becoming a full time photographer a reality was motivating and insightful. I’ll be visiting his neighborhood for sure again!