Braver Than Britain, Occasionally

Braver Than Britain Occasionally a book by Spadge Whittaker 02

At the very end of last year my lady & I were at the cabin. It’s while we were there that a very unassuming spider set Spadge off on a new challenge — facing Britain’s top ten fears all while writing a book about it.

She tells this books origin story better here (plus I sound like an absolute hero). Fast forward less than 10 months and it’s here, it’s real, it’s an actual book! ISBN number — the works.

Of course every book needs a few promo images and she knew a guy with a camera. We set up a shoot at Withamside House and despite it being a dull day a couple of strobes along with massive windows giving us the best of the available natural light resulted in some awesome shots.

Not only has she taken on Britain’s most common fears, she’s conquered them! I’m so incredibly proud of her dedication to this project, she’s faced some of her biggest personal nightmares with a level of stubbornness I didn’t know existed — all the while keeping a sense of humour pinned to her chest.

If you read her blog you’ll be familiar with her funny/honest writing style. If you don’t this is the perfect introduction and insight into her slightly unusual but still beautiful mind.

Order your copy right now from! £2 from every book sold is going to Sarcoma UK – The bone & soft tissue cancer charity.

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