Blog Project: Your Best Photos From 2016

It’s that time of year again and if you’re a regular JMG-Galleries reader that means one thing…
it is time to kick off the 10th annual best photos of the year blog project. This is by far my most popular blog project with hundreds of photographers taking part last year (see Best Photos of 2015, 20142013,  20122011201020092008 and 2007). Around this time of year people start to ask if I’d be running this project again. The answer clearly is always YES!
1. I love this project and I love that so many people get excited about it.
2. It’s a great way exercise to improve your photography (10 Ways to Top Your Best 20xx Photographs).
So with out any further delay here is how you take part to submit your best photos of 2016.

How to Participate (Read Carefully)

  1. Review & select your best photos from 2016.
    Note: Photo edit carefully narrowing down your results to your best 10 or 5 photos. Reference Pro Tips: Photo Editing with Gary Crabbe for pointers.
  2. Create a blog post on your web site or a Flickr/500px set containing your best photos from 2016.
  3. Complete the form below by Tuesday JANUARY 3rd at 11:59PM PST to take part. The following Tuesday, or there about, I’ll post a link to all submitted sites and photos on my blog. Through out the week I’ll also share the results across all my social media accounts.

Spread the Word!
Feel free to spread the word of this project on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, photo forums you frequent and/or your blogs. All who are interested in taking part are invited.


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