Best Foundation Techniques for Dry Skin

Hey, Makeup Geeks! If you have dry skin, you understand how frustrating it can be to achieve a flawless foundation application when you’ve got flaky face. The struggle is REAL! Don’t fret—we’re coming at you with our best dry skin foundation tips and tricks. Follow along for supple skin in six simple steps!

Step #1: Apply a hydrating face mask.

Apply a hydrating face mask at night to give your skin a major moisture boost! Bedtime is the best time to apply moisturizing products because your skin will repair and recover while you’re sleeping. Be sure to get those zzzz’s!

Step #2: Apply a rich moisturizing cream.

After you’ve applied your face mask, if you feel like your skin could use an extra dose of hydration, apply a rich moisturizing cream. Leave on over night to allow your skin to soak in all that moisturizing goodness—when you wake up in the morning your skin should look soft and dewy.

Step #3: Apply a hydrating face oil.

If you’ve used a mask, applied moisturizing cream, and you’re still looking/feeling dry in the AM…apply a light layer of face oil before you begin your foundation routine. Pat the oil all over your face and down your neck, and let sit for 2-3 minutes before moving on to primer and foundation.

Step #4: Apply a face primer with dimethicone.

Apply a face primer with dimethicone to form a protective barrier between your skin and the elements/makeup. Dimethicone is a silicone-based polymer commonly used in primers for its ability to fill in facial fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it’ll help prevent product from clinging to dry patches and allow your foundation to go on nice and smooth. Makeup science for the win!

Step #5: Apply a dewy foundation with a wet beauty blender.

Selecting a foundation finish that suits your skin type is so important—if you’re dry, you’ll want to go with a dewy or satin finish foundation. Apply it with a WET beauty blender for even, flawless coverage. If you have dry skin, you may not need to set your foundation with powder—that’s OK! But, if you’re like me, and you tend to get a little oily midday…apply a setting powder only in the areas needed, like the t-zone.

Step #6: Apply a hydrating mist.

The final moisturizing touch…a hydrating mist! Spritz generously all over your face to make your skin look plump and glowy.

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