Bangkok in Color

A couple of months ago I got the chance to visit Bangkok for a week to photograph and attend a friend’s four day Palestinian-Indian wedding. As usual I had a bunch of film cameras with me and shot tons of film with the Leica, the Rolleiflex and I even pulled out my Widelux Panoramic camera and ran some film through it. But before sharing those photos on the blog I thought i’d post some of my favorite color frames captured with the Canon 5D. So here we go…

While visiting the Jim Thompson House I spotted this clock made by James.

The waterways in Bangkok make for some beautiful photos…many people live on the water banks and also use it for transportation.

Long live the Queen…and the King too. Their photos are everywhere including the locker room at the Jim Thompson house.

This guy was having fun screaming at people passing by with this big orange cone…

…and of course I couldn’t let the opportunity of making a portrait of this brother be missed.

Tuk Tuk’s are the way to traverse the city, and every driver is a character.

Street food is everywhere, and although I usually am a big fan but since i got sick eating at a 5 Star hotel i decided i’d leave it to my next visit.

Tourists are all over the city and it seems that phone cameras are the way to preserve memories these days.

Even the monks are hip to cellphones….wonder what kind of photos he has on his.

Captured some monks walking through the temple grounds…I really like how the orange pops.

The golden Buddhas.

I really enjoy finding reflections to photograph…can you see what is through the glass?

A portrait of a police office on the temple grounds…shot many portraits on this trip…i guess that’s what happens when you walk around with Eric Coleman.

Some students heading to class on the temple grounds.

I wonder what this boy was looking for up in the trees.

Break time in between classes.

His missing teeth made me want to shoot a portrait of this kid…his smile is killer too.

As the tourists walked around the temple and took photos for their memoirs…Thai people were there for prayers.

Apparently white people run pickpocket gangs in Bangkok…also note that the police are white too.

I really like where all the eyes are looking in this photograph.

Tourists always like to bring their humor with them…even inside a temple.

Motorbikes are a staple of this city and you have no clue where they will be coming at you from.

One of my favorite captures from my trek down to China town.

Dee Dee Ann brings all kinds of people to shop there.

The way the cigarette dangles from this guy’s mouth is just priceless.

The motor bikes always rush to the front of any traffic light…you better watch out.

A moment of self reflection.

If i’m not mistaken this lady had chickenpox…why else would she have that white stuff on her face and arms.

Mr Eric is about to get some serious flowers.

Shot this from inside a record store…got to love that big colorful bag.

On the way back from school with pops.

Public transportation lends to sometime spent alone thinking…

…or observing the world through the window. I think this is my favorite frame from this bunch.

It was quite hard to communicate with this record store owner to try and explain the type of Thai music we were looking for…but we managed to find an Arabic record.

Graffiti catches my eye anywhere I am around the world. The textures in Bangkok are amazing.

Seems like this dog had a case of diarrhea…never thought i’d see a dog with pampers.

Can’t wait to make a big print out of this one..the covers, the records, the cracks in the wood.

Seeing this poster made me wish I was there a year ago to check out what Far Eastern Psyche is all about.

A girl kills sometime inside her mom’s record shop.

For some odd reason this reminded me of Cairo.

Again…the textures in the city are incredible.

Caught another girl going back home after school…you never know what photo you can find in alleyways.

That street food again…i promise myself to try it next time.

Pink taxis and lines.

Took this one while i was waiting at a metro station

As the sun sets…a different palette of colors emerges in Bangkok.

There is a visual trick in this shot. It’s all in the perspective.

You couldn’t ask for better street wet downs…in Hollywood you got to pay big money for this.

I’m not even going to start talking about ladyboys and prostitution on the streets there…it made me feel uneasy.

Time to cook some late night chicken…

…but me and Coleman ended up at a pizza joint owned by an Englishman. He was playing solitaire…the live version.

One of my biggest surprises was the Arabic area next to where we were staying…who would have thought i’d find a Yemeni restaurant in the middle of Bangkok.

Pictures that cater to our brothers from the UAE…and what’s up with “The Doom”

She had converted an old VW van into a food truck.

Vibrant colors, motorbikes, tuk tuks and wet streets.

Till next time…where i’ll be posting some of what i’ve captured on those films…and yeah you got the Bible and What Buddah taught in the hotel room’s drawer.