AnyForty Pride Refix Collection — Spring 2016


Back in 2012 talented illustrator Tom Mac came up with the AnyForty Pride lion. Since then this design has almost become the unofficial mascot of the brand being used across multiple ranges, accessories and even gracing the front cover of Digital Arts magazine.

In January, AnyForty head honcho, Al came to me wanting to run an idea by me — “I wonder if I could make a range work by getting a group of artists to do their own take on the Pride graphic”. “Hell yes” I told him. In March I headed up to Mayfield Studio, Newcastle to hang out with the AnyForty family and shoot that range.

Most of these shots were done with a fairly simple three light setup. Two bare lights at the back, and a massive octabox overhead. This makes for quite a flexible setup, and I just dialled the power down when I wanted a shallow depth of field and up when I wanted a more in focus.

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