Active Harris

When you’re a kid, you instinctively and freely begin to ask questions about everything. It’s normal and perfectly acceptable in a child’s life but unfortunately, as we grow older, that same inquisitiveness we maintained as a child doesn’t always necessarily carry into adulthood. Some of us stop questioning things while other continue. All of which got me thinking, what exactly has driven me to continuously question everything. I read a lot so that in itself certainly has antagonize my impulse to what to know more about people and places but on the top of that list of motivating factors would have to no doubt be my camera.

It’s literally been a license to meet people. People who I probably wouldn’t have befriended otherwise. I don’t think I would have ever felt comfortable reaching out to people as easily as I do on Instagram if there’s wasn’t a reason behind the attempt. Yes, my goal is to ultimately photograph the person, but my interest in what they do is what excites me. As I write this, I completely forgot to ask Harris if he wanted me to disclose what he does for living. Regardless of his physique, I can assure you that his career has nothing to do to what initially comes to mind…personal trainer. A quick glance at his Instagram stream, you’d be hard-pressed to think he wasn’t anything else but a trainer. The moral of the story is that you can’t judge a book, or online profile based on what you initially see because in order to become aware of their full backstory, you have to have the interest to want to know more in the first place.