A Guide to Stunning Landscape Photography: eBook Review

Do you love landscape photography? Most people do – there is something universally exciting about capturing the beauty of nature at the right moment and absorbing its majesty into a photograph. “Living Landscapes: A Guide to Stunning Landscape Photography” is an extensive eBook published by dPS written by experts in the field, dedicated to the art and practice of landscape photography.



Todd and Sarah Sisson, landscape photography extraordinaires, are sharing everything they know with readers and photography enthusiasts through this new gem of a book. A hefty 130+ paged eBook filled to the brim with tricks, guides, and tutorials, “Living Landscapes” provides essential knowledge on photographing the natural world and yielding fantastic results.
It might be impossible to sum up entirely the extent that this book has to offer, but we can certainly give you a sneak peak. Here are some of the topics you’ll learn from this eBook:



  • The use of different lenses: The Sissons go into great length analyzing which lenses are applicable for specific landscape scenes.
  • The use of filters: Want to get even greater images? Natural density and polarizing filters are extraordinarily helpful, and this eBook shows you exactly what they can do for your work.
  • The importance of exposure: “Quality light is the single most important element in landscape photography,” the book states. Lessons are provided on how to nail exposure in different light, with suggestions on camera settings for every situation.
  • Focus and color: The Sissons share expert techniques for achieving sharp focus, as well as brilliant color with correct white balance
  • Composition: “Living Landscapes” shares how to compose your landscape photos to make them most compelling.
  • Post-production techniques: Step-by-step lessons are provided showing all of the post-production tools a photographer needs to enhance images, and how to use them best.
    (includes really extensive and unique Lighroom vs. Photoshop comparison)
  • Panoramic images: The eBook provides lessons on composing, shooting and stitching gorgeous panorama shots.


panoramic Landscape


From technical knowledge to creative input, the Sisson’ eBook is an extremely strong source for photographers interested in landscape. It’s packed with expert advice on a range of topics, all which will contribute to your growing photography skills and improve your photos tremendously.


A Guide to Stunning Landscape Photography eBook page 48

A Guide to Stunning Landscape Photography eBook page 48


Here at LearnMyShot, we would recommend Todd and Sarah’s book to any knowledge-hungry photographer that wants not just to take landscape pictures, but make them, nurture them, and do justice to the beauty of the natural world. With the help of professional advice, great methods, and useful techniques, the sky is the limit (literally!).

We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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